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Patiala Weather

The best time to visit Patiala is from October to March. Weather is quite pleasant and is considered perfect for sightseeing and venturing outdoors.


March marks the beginning of the summer season, which lasts till June in Patiala. May is the hottest month and the maximum temperature during the day is around 43° C, and the minimum is around 30°C. Owing to high temperatures, the summer season is not considered suitable for tourists to indulge in travelling and sightseeing.


Monsoon starts from July and lasts till October. It is a season of relief for people as the weather is quite pleasant. It is advisable to carry an umbrella or raincoat all the time as the city receives heavy rainfall during this season.


October marks the commencement of the winter season, which lasts till February. The maximum temperature during this time of the year is 25° C, and the minimum is 5° C. Weather during this time is pleasant and enjoyable, making it a hot-spot for tourists.