Jain Temple, Palakkad

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Jain Temple is a historic monument that vividly displays the cultural diversity of Palakkad. It is located at a scenic place named Jainmedu that lies a few kilometers away from Palakkad town. Also, known by the name Chandranatha temple, it is one of the few Jain temples of the country and reminds travelers of prominence Jainism enjoyed in the bygone era.

This small yet undamaged vestige of Jain religion is made of granite and is believed to have been constructed over 500 years ago. The temple is a marvelous piece of architecture having a length of 32 feet and a width of 20 feet. Images of Jain Thirthankaras and Yakshinis along with the idols of Chandranthan, Vijayalakshmi Nathan, Rishabha and Padmavathi could be spotted inside the temple.

The area around the temple occupies a unique position in the literary history of Kerala since Kumaran Asan, the most renowned poet of Kerala, scripted his epic poem Veena Poovu while he was at Jainmedu. The Jain Temple, which was once the worship place of 400 Jain families who lived in the surrounding area, serves today as a travel destination for history lovers.


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