Dhoni Waterfalls, Palakkad

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Dhoni Waterfalls, a less explored yet amazingly beautiful water body, a must-see place for those who want to experience the wonders of nature at close quarters. Dhoni is a small hilly hamlet located at a distance of about 15 km from Palakkad town and the dense reserve forest surrounding the waterfalls magnifies the beauty of the region. It is an ideal place for trekkers as it requires 3 hours of trekking to reach the top of Dhoni hills. The trekking trail through the wild forest is extremely enchanting, and though the interior regions are rich with wildlife, the route to the waterfalls is safe to tread through.

The ideal time to visit the waterfalls is soon after the monsoon as the surroundings are blessed with newly sprouted greenery and the streams are freshly replenished. The ruins of Kavarakunnu bungalow, a colonial mansion built in 1857, can be spotted on the route that leads to the waterfalls. It is recommended that travelers carry food, water and snacks with them since chances of finding food points around this place are very thin.


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