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Pakur - A Sneak Peek


Pakur, a district in Jharkhand is known for beedi making and is considered as an important revenue earning source in Jharkhand. It remained a sub-division of Sahibganj till it was upgraded as district in the year 1994. It is surrounded by Sahibganj district in the north, Birbhoom District of West Bengal in the south, Murshidabad and part of Birbhoom district of West Bengal in the east and Dumka & Godda Districts in the west.

This district, once known for its thick & extensive forests, is now bereft of much of its jungle wealth. The medicinal plants such as Sarpgandha, Raigami or Dhami, Kazwa, Chiryaita are now almost extinct. There has been large-scale destruction of forests in the past few years.

There are three main rivers in this district namely Bansloi, Torai & Brahmini. Bansloi & Torai rivers flow in the middle and Brahmini flows in the southern part of the district.

History Of Pakur

The authentic history of this area is very little known before the medieval period. Basically two petty estates known as Pakur Raj and Maheshpur Raj existed in this area. These two zamindars linked with Mughal administration were responsible for the care and nourishment of this Paharia domain.

After the battle of Plassey the victorious Britishers developed their administrative network to control these areas through the Birbhoom district of West Bengal. Captain Boronie was the first British officer who prepared a plan to win over the Paharias, the real inhabitants of this area.

The contribution of the Santhal heroes like Sidhu, Kanhu Chand & Bhairav will be remembered forever. Their immortal remains may be seen at different place in Santhal Pargana Division.

Tourist Places In And Around Pakur

Pakur has some very important tourist attractions which cater to both religious and adventure tourists. Some of the main attractions of Pakur are Siddhu Kanha Park and Nityakali Mandir, which is a must visit place for the tourists visiting Pakur. Some other places of interest include Dharni Pahar and Hot Spring where visitors can take a holy dip in the pool.

Best Time To Visit Pakur

The winter season is the ideal time for the travellers to visit Pakur. The temperature is pleasant during this time and travelling with light winter clothing is a good idea during this time.

How To Reach Pakur

Pakur can be reached easily from Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand and one has the option of choosing taxis and buses. Pakur also has a railway station and trains are also a popular mode of transport.

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How to Reach Pakur

  • By Road
    Pakur can be reached easily from Ranchi and one has the option of choosing taxis and buses.
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  • By Train
    The Pakur Junction is well connected and one can reach the place from cities such as Kolkata, Ranchi, Dibrugarh, Guwahati and Varanasi. Trains are a popular mode of transport and one has to book tickets well in advance to be assured of a reservation.
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  • By Air
    The city of Ranchi has the only airport in the state and this is the best bet for those who are arriving by air. It is a domestic airport and has frequent services from places such as Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata. This makes it an ideal choice for connecting flights as well. Taxis are available from the airport and this is the best way to reach Pakur.
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