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Pakur Weather

The winter season is the ideal time for the travellers to visit Pakur. The temperature are pleasant during this time and travelling with light winter clothing is a good idea during this time. 


The months of March, April and May constitute the summer season. During this period the mercury can be expected to climb to a maximum of 46 degrees Celsius. Day temperatures are rarely ever below the 35 degree Celsius mark during the summer months. It is possible to visit the town during this period and light cotton clothing is a must. 


The monsoon period is during the months from June to September. Temperatures are rarely ever extreme during this period; however humidity increases in the monsoon season. This period is followed by the post monsoon season and conditions are pleasant. 


The winter season experiences moderate conditions with temperatures averaging between 9 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius. Travelling with light winter clothing is a good idea during this period. Winters are much milder and conditions are temperate for the most part.