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Dumka - A Holy City For The Hindus


Dumka is famed as the land of tribals. It is one of the oldest districts and also the headquarter of Santhal Pargana division in Jharkhand. The city is all through filled up with mesmerising beauty. Gigantic mountains, splendid landscapes, serene rivers and stretches of greenery in the valleys are a treat to the eyes.

One of the twenty-four districts of Jharkhand, it was once amongst the most backward districts of India. Dumka was originally an administrative district formed by the Britishers which was known as 'Damin-e-ko'. Presently it is considered as the sub-capital of Jharkhand. The productivity of land here is very less because of heavy erosion and low retaining capacity.

Tourist Places In And Around Dumka

Hills, forests and rivers bound the district from all direction. It is mostly located in an upland area where hills run across from North to South. Lagwa Hills situated near Nonihat possesses a charismatic beauty which makes Dumka an idyllic spot. It is an ideal place for those interested in trekking as the view from the top of the hill is spellbinding.

South East of Dumka is surrounded by Ramgarh Hills. Dumka is also a centre for pilgrimage. Some of them are Baba Basukinath Dham, Malooti, Baba Sumeshwar Nath and Chutonath. Masanjore Dam, Kumrabad, Kurwa or Shrishti Park are some of the places known for picnic spots. Mayurakshi river is the main river which flows through Dumka.

Best Time To Visit Dumka

Dumka has a humid climate. Summers are generally hot and wet while winters are mild and pleasant.

How To Reach Dumka

Dumka is well connected by roadways. Railway connection is also present from Jasidih. Upcoming new railway lines will make this place more accessible.

Dumka is Famous for

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How to Reach Dumka

  • By Road
    Dumka is well connected by proper roads with important cities of Jharkhand. Three wheeler vehicles are seen all over the roads of Dumka. Buses are readily available and are mostly preferred by the people residing there. Both private and government buses run through the city. Kolkata and Ranchi are connected to Dumka by frequent luxury night bus service. Roadways are well maintained too.
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  • By Train
    Railways connect Ranchi and Jasidih to Dumka. Many new railway projects are coming up which will make the district more accessible to the travellers throughout the nation. Bhagalpur in Bihar and Rampurhat in West Bengal are the destinations which are to be connected through railways in the recent future.
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  • By Air
    There is no air port available in Dumka
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