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Dumka Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Dumka

  • 01Baba Basukinath Dham

    Baba Basukinath Dham is a renowned pilgrimage site in Dumka district of Jharkhand. It is one of the revered destination for the Hindus. Shravan Mela, which takes place in between July and August, is the time when devotees throng at this place from every corner of the country. Foreign tourists are also seen during this occasion. The holy water of Ganges is offered to the deity and the devotees are found in saffron-dyed clothes.

    They offer their prayers by stretching on the road. These devotees also pay a visit to Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga in Deogarh. Vivah Panchami or Ram Janki Vivah Utsav is another festival which takes place at the end of the year. It was inaugurated by Baba Basukinath and is still being continued.

    ‘Palki Utsav’ is also a part of the celebration. Innumerable people come to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva. Situated on Dumka-Deoghar Highway, it is close to Jasidih Dumka Railway line. The closest station is Basukinath and Jamtara Railway Station. If one is travelling by air, Ranchi Airport is the nearest.

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  • 02Baba Sumeshwarnath

    Baba Sumeshwarnath

    Dumka, the pilgrimage city of Hindus in Jharkhand is renowned for temples. Situated at Saraiyahat Block, Baba Sumeshwarnath is a renowned religious place in the district. It is located at a distance of 60 km from the main township. Devotees are seen thronging by the huge Shiva Temple at Baba Sumeshwarnath every day.

    On special occasions, the temple is visited by people from every corner of the district. Mahashivaratri is a famous festival when people travel from various parts of the state in order to offer their prayers. Thousands of devotees also visit the temple during the month of Sravana. In Hindu mythology, this month is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Offering holy water from Ganges with chanting of prayer and hymns is a common scenario of Baba Sumeshwarnath.

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  • 03Massanjore Dam

    Massanjore Dam

    Massanjore dam is located at a distance of 31 km from Dumka. Located on Dumka-Siuri road, it is well connected by buses and other road transports. Siuri in West Bengal is 41 km from this spot. The dam is constructed on Mayurakshi river. Based on Canadian architecture, it is also known as Canada Dam or Pearson Dam.

    The reservoir sprawls over an area of 16,650 acres with 155 ft height and 2170 ft length. 500,000 acre ft is the total storage capacity of the reservoir. Tilpara is a barrage near Siuri which is also an attractive tourist spot other than Massanjore dam. It has a length of 1,013 ft.

    Tourists can hire private vehicles to reach Massanjore dam. Mountains and river add to the mesmerising surroundings. Swimming and rock climbing are some of the activities that travellers can enjoy here. Mayurakshi Bhawan Bungalow and Inspection Bungalow are some of the places where travellers can halt comfortably.

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  • 04Tatloi


    Tatloi is a scenic spot which has natural hot water springs. This unique attraction has a spellbinding atmosphere with clear water from the spring which makes the surrounding quite relaxing. The beautiful nature around Tatloi welcome tourists, not only to discover the place but also enjoy a picnic in the winters.

    Hot springs are source of Helium and the water of the spring is considered to be healthy and beneficial. The spot is ideal for nature lovers as the charming beauty of the mountains attracts tourists throughout the nation. As it is situated at a distance of 15 km from Dumka, people residing around this city can explore Tatloi as a getaway. Ramgarh Hills and Bhurbhuri River are also other must visit spots at Tatloi.

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