» »National Tourism Day 2021: Date and Significance

National Tourism Day 2021: Date and Significance

To celebrate the passion for travel and tourism, India observes National Tourism Day, each year on January 25. However, one may ask why call it 'tourism' day? And this is because travelling commonly means a journey of a single or a group of people from one place to another. Also, tourism is one of the most prominent sectors which accounts for the movement of citizens within and outside the country and hosting travellers from other countries to our own in huge numbers.

It is a booming sector and has the potential to advance and grow like no other, as experts say.

National Tourism Day 2021: Significance


National Tourism Day is observed in India on January 25 to create a perception of tourism and its cultural and economic significance in India. The Indian government established this day in recognition of tourism as an essential sector for the country's economic and cultural extension.

India, being a country of diverse heritage, culture geography, history and festivals, is a top attraction for pilgrims, adventurers, and explorers from around the globe. Statistics show that tens and thousands of foreign tourists visit India every year and it aids directly to the economic and cultural upliftment of the local communities.

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