Namakkal Dhurgam Fort, Namakkal

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Namakkal Dhurgam Fort, built by Ramachandra Nayakar in the 16th century, is located on the peak or Namgiri hills. The fort also contains the ruins of an ancient Vishnu temple. Namakkal Dhurgam Fort covers a surface area of one and a half acres. A narrow stairway on the southwest side is the way to the fort. The rock curved cave temples of Narasimhaswamy and Ranganathaswamy are located on either side of the Namgiri hills. Since the images of the gods were carved out of living rocks they have survived till date by the power of the rock and the hill. The rocks also include eight holy water springs where numerous lotuses grow.

It is also believed that Tipu Sultan took cover in this fort for some time to save himself from the British. Later the fort was captured by the British. The historical and architectural significance makes the place worth visiting.

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