Lord Shiva Temple, Nagore

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Nagore is also very famous for the Lord Shiva Temple as it is one of the devara Stalams. Moreover, the place is actually known as the Seshapuri. One who visits the Lord Shiva can visit a lot of other deities in and around the temple premises. This is the greatest significance of the temple. According to the mythology, the temple is considered as parihara sthalam for rahu and ketu. There are two annual festivals that are performed in the temple premises. The locals do believe that one who visits the temple in the early hours of the morning gets very lucky as it is a very auspicious time.

Moreover, the main festival that takes place in the temple is the Mahashivaratri and one can see the glory of the almighty on that day. The architecture of the temple represents the Dravidian structure like most of the other temples in the city of Nagore.

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