Kastaharni Ghat, Munger

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The Kastaharni Ghat has been mentioned in Valmiki’s Ramayana and according to it, Lord Rama with his brother Lakshmana had come to this spot to take rest on their way back after confronting demoness Tarka.

It is also believed that when Rama after marrying Sita, was travelling from Mithila to Ayodhya he had crossed Kasthaharni Ghat and many of his companions had stopped for a while to bathe in the ghat.

As per the popular beliefs, bathing in the ghat relieves all pains and soothes mind, body and soul. The place not only has religious significance for the people but it is a wonderful place to spend one's evenings and is one of the best loved tourist spots for the rich scenic beauty .

Since, the water on the ghat flows in northwards direction, it is also known as Uttar Vahini Ganga.

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