Munger Fort, Munger

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The Munger fort is the most alluring tourist spots of Munger which was built during the reign of the slave dynasty, though there is no clarity of the exact date it was built. The fort has two famous hills called the Karnachaura, and the other is a rectangular mound, which is more or less, in the location of a citadel. It was an important hub in ancient times.

The fort has witnessed the a cascade of rulers such as the Tughlaqs, Khiljis, Lodhis, Nawabs of Bengal, the Mughal rulers and lastly the British empire. This has etched a unique memory on the soul of the fort.

The beauty of the fort lies in the fact that it is a home to other key religious and historical monuments like Pir Shah Nufa and Tomb of Mulla Muhammad Said.


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