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  • 01Mani Mandir

    Mani Mandir

    The Mani Mandir is one of the best attractions of Morbi. It is a multi-religious shrine built by the King of Morbi in remembrance of one of his Queens, Maharani Mani Ben.

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  • 02Suspension Bridge

    Suspension Bridge

    The Suspension Bridge is a wonderful specimen of engineering marvel which reminds us of Victorian London. This is not to be missed if you pay a visit to Gujarat. It is located in the city of Morbi.

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  • 03Art Deco Palace

    Art Deco Palace

    The Art Deco Palace built in 1931 is known for its impressively done interiors. It is located in Morbi in Gujarat.

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  • 04Wellington Secretariat

    Wellington Secretariat

    The Wellington Secretariat is located at Morbi in Gujarat and is famous for its architecture which has a strong Rajasthani influence.

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  • 05Green Chowk

    Green Chowk

    Green Chowk is a town square which has a series of three gates. Each of these gates is built in its own style and has Rajput and Italian elements to make it unique.

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