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Apart from the temples, Mathura is also known for its vast expanse of ghats. The city literally stretches along the banks of the Yamuna River. The ghats are actually long, stone steps reaching the water of the River Ganges. The river is integral to Hindu belief, and it is said that a dip in its sacred waters purifies the body and dissolves the sins. These ghats are the centre of all religious ceremonies and activities. Visit any of the ghats in Mathura and you will see hordes of pilgrims taking a purifying dip. In the mornings and evenings special aartis (prayers) are held.

The ghats along the banks of the river house some of the city’s main ashrams, shrines and temples. The most famous of these twenty five ghats is the Vishram Ghat which is revered as the site where Lord Krishna rested after defeating his maternal uncle, Kansa.

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