Thikkoti Lighthouse, Kozhikode

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Thikkoti Lighthouse, one of the most amusing monuments of Calicut, is situated in a small village named Thikkoti. Located at a distance of about 30 km from the city of Calicut, this historical monument attracts tourists and visitors around the year.

The area around the lighthouse is rocky, and offers an excellent view of Velliyamkallu, a colossal rock formation in the Arabian Sea. Velliyamkallu, situated in the foaming waves of water, is a breathtaking sight and it acts as a seasonal home to many varieties of migrant birds. The lighthouse was constructed in 1847 and a story goes that the construction was triggered by a shipwreck happened near the rocky shores of the beach.

The lighthouse is 33.5 meters high and visitors can go up to the top of the lighthouse to enjoy the awesome view of the surroundings. However travelers need to take permission from authorities to climb the winding stairs of the lighthouse.


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