Beypore, Kozhikode

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Beypore, situated at a distance of 10 km from Calicut town, is an ancient port with a vibrant history. It was a chief harbor as well as a commercial hub which had established trade links with several Arab, Asian and Europeans cities. According to history, it served as a major trading center on the silk route and had commercial connections with Mesopotamia as well.

Located on the banks of Chaliyar River, this port town is best known for its shipbuilding yards. Wooden ships, known by the name of Uru, were constructed in Beypore shipyard and these ships were extremely popular during ancient times. The shipbuilding in Beypore has a tradition of about 1500 years and the ships built here exhibited excellent skill and craftsmanship.

Today Beypore port is Kerala’s biggest port next to Kochi. It was birthplace to the Malayalam literary legend Vaikom Muhammad Basheer who was known as Beypore Sultan. The prominent attractions of Beypore includes its port, shipbuilding yards, a stone bridge that stretches into the ocean, a light house, fishing harbors and the bird sanctuary situated in Kadalundi ( 7 km from Beypore).


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