Tali Temple, Kozhikode

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Tali Temple, one of the oldest temples of Kerala, is located at the center of the Calicut city. The temple occupies a special position in the history of Calicut and Malabar. The temple was built during the reign of the Zamorins and hosted Revathi Pattathanam- the ancient assembly of scholars held annually under the patronage of the King.

The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Shiva and thousands of devotees and pilgrims visit this place. The temple complex comprises of the sanctum-sanctorum, pillars for lighting, a colossal entrance gate, a platform for elephants and idols of sub deities. The sanctum of the temple is constructed on the shape of a chariot and is adorned with several mural paintings. The temple is built with wood and stones in an architectural style that is unique to Kerala.

Various ceremonies are conducted in the temple daily which is attended by large numbers of local people. The most celebrated festival of the temple is held during the time of Malayalam New Year (known by the name Vishu) and the festivities last for 7 days. The prayers and the air of divinity around the temple are sure to provide spiritual relaxation to those who visit the temple.


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