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Kalipoyika is leisure spot in Calicut and a major tourist attraction. About 2 km away from the heart of a city, this spot is situated in a place named Arayidathupalam and attracts hundreds of visitors every day.

Kalipoyika is a recreational hotspot where travelers can engage in boating. Row boats and pedals boats are available for travelers to hire. Cruising on the waters in leisurely evening can be a pleasurable activity. Boating facilities are available from 8 AM to 7 PM.

Kalipoyika is part of Sarovaram Bio Park, a project carried out under the government to preserve wetlands and promote eco-friendly tourism. The area around Kalipoyika comes under the National Wetland Conservation Programme. The project is still under progress and the completed phase of the project includes a canal walkway, boating facilities in Kalipoyika and an open air theatre.


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