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Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium, Kovalam

The Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium is a delight for kids and adults alike. Located in Thiruvananthapuram, this aquarium has an enviable collection of some of the best creatures from under water.

The aquarium is also famous for its Image Pearl Production Technique. Using this technique a mould, prepared from shell cement, is introduced into the pearl oyster. After a couple of months the pearl acquires the shape of the mould and is extracted from the oyster.

If you have kids with you then this aquarium should be a ‘must visit’ on your agenda. You will find some delightful sea creatures like moon wrasses, crabs, clownfish, lionfish, giant turtles, triggerfish, surgeonfish, squirrelfish, butterfly fish, sharks as well as piranhas all under one roof.

The aquarium is splendidly managed by the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute or CMFRI and is open to public on all seven days from nine in the morning to six in the evening.

Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium Photos

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