Weekend Getaways From Kochi Weekend Getaways

Weekend Getaways From Kochi

So you have read our top spots for a summer vacation in Kerala, and probably the article about why Kerala is called God's Own Country too. Did you know that there are at least 8 incredible weekend getaways you may travel from ...
Travel To These Unexplored Sunset Destinations In Kerala

Travel To These Unexplored Sunset Destinations In Kerala

It is rightly said that if you desire to witness the beauty of a horizon dipped in the colourful rays of the sun, then beaches are the perfect places to visit. The presence of dazzling water adds on to the existing ...
Mesmerising Natures Havens For A Romantic Holiday

11 Mesmerising Nature's Havens For A Romantic Holiday

Winter is here and the cool weather of winter brings along with it the craving of going on a vacation. If the routine city life has been bogging you down, it's probably time for you to take a nice winter break. ...
Top 10 Winter Destinations In Kerala

Top 10 Winter Destinations In Kerala

Stunning landscapes, mesmerising hill stations, serene beaches and backwaters makes Kerala God's Own Country. Aptly named for its pristine natural beauty, Kerala is one of the most sought-after destinations for a vacation due to the never-ending number of options for places ...
Best Things Do Kovalam

Best Things To Do in Kovalam

Kovalam is among the best beach destinations in Kerala and also a favourite among honeymooners who travel to Kerala. Along with a lot of tourist attractions that grab your attention, there are also several activities you can enjoy here. Let us ...
Best Places Visit Kerala During Monsoon

10 Best Places To Visit In Kerala This Monsoon

Although it is difficult to assign any particular time or a particular season to visit Kerala, it is often said that its allure is quite unique during the monsoon. The monsoon season, although quite severe in a few parts of Kerala, ...
Weekend Getaways From Thiruvananthapuram

Monsoon 2020: 6 Weekend Getaways From Thiruvananthapuram

In a beautiful place like Thiruvananthapuram, one would not have to bother about finding tourist places. The city itself has many tourist attractions that are alluring for any traveller. However, a look outside Kerala's capital is enough to find several picturesque ...
Beaches In India

10 Awesome Beaches in India this 2016

Travelling rejuvenates everyone and one should make plans for covering certain destinations. Among various attractions beaches are one of the must visit in India 2016. Make a bucket list for this New Year 2016 and visit these places in India. Beaches ...
Popular Beaches Kerala

6 Popular Beaches of Kerala

God's Own Country has many things to offer a traveller. Right from the big lakes, rivers and lagoons, beaches, temples, art forms, and so on. The list goes a long way, and it is endless. One can find some amazing hill ...
Splendid Water Facing Hotels India

10 Splendid Water Facing Hotels in India

A luxury retreat with spectacular waterfront view makes one stay more memorable, and you wished you would never come back from the luxuries of the world. Travellers at these exhilarating waterfront retreats are sure to get awestruck by the sparkling turquoise ...
Weekend Getaways Around Thiruvananthapuram

8 Amazing Weekend Getaways Around Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram is the capital city of Kerala which is referred to as 'God's Own Country'. It is often called Trivandrum, a derivative of the original name given by the British. It lies on the southern tip of India in the west ...
Places Visit South India During September

Traversing Through South India in September

The monsoon season is looked upon as a time when you are stuck at home thanks to the rains. Stepping out of the house means getting into the slush that is all around. However, there are places where you can head ...

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