Sitabari, Kota

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Sitabari is a popular religious site situated close to Baran. According to the Hindu mythology, the Hindu Goddess Sita, the wife of Lord Rama gave birth to Luv and Kush at this place. Sita with her two sons used to live here when she had left the kingdom to live in the forest.

Tourists coming to Sitabari can also visit another temple which is dedicated to Sita and Lakshman. There are seven water tanks or kunds nearby, and the prominent ones are the Sita Kund, the Lakshman Kund, the Luv-Kush Kund, the Balmiki Kund, and the Surya Kund. The temple and the kunds are located close to the Sita Kuti in the adjoining forest. A large number of devotees visit here during the annual Sahariya Fair organised between the months of May and June. A popular fair called Sitabari Mela is held every year here.


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