Huligemma Temple, Koppal

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Munirabad is known for places with mythological importance. Munirabad Dam constructed across the Tungabhadra River is a popular destination here and so are Rishyamookh Hills, Bali Kila and Pampa Sarovar. The other place worth visiting in Munirabad is Huligemma temple. Goddess Huligemma is the deity worshipped here. According to an inscription available inside the temple, this temple was handed over by Vikramadiya VI of Chalukya Kingdom to Chaturvedi Bhatta back in 11th century.

Anyone who visits this temple will first see the gigantic Sthamba at the front without any exception. This Dhwaja Sthamba which is of about 25 feet high is something from which visitors cannot take their eyes off. A fair is organized by the temple authorities every year which is attended by thousands of devotees.

Visitors can reach Huligemma temple by road and rail. Bus services are available from all major nearby towns. You can reach Munirabad from Hampi by train and Hospet Junction is the nearest railway station.

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