Vidurashwatha, Kolar

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A trip to the holy shrine of Vidurashwatha is recommended to all tourists passing by Kolar. This site is situated about 10 km from Gowribidanur Taluk and is counted among the most important shrines of the country.

Upon reaching this shrine, travellers would notice the holy Ashoka tree that was planted here in Dwapura Yuga by the renowned saint, Maitreya Mahamuni. An ardent follower of Lord Krishna named Vidhura used to revere the shrine which earned it the name Vidurashwatha.

The Ashoka tree has four special features that are linked to the tree of human life. Some elements of this tree are used in order to prepare medicines. This site is connected with historical event as the Satyagraha Movement took place here in 1938. Due to its link with mythological and historical events, Vidurashwatha Kshetra is known among people as a meeting place of dharma, marma and patriotism.

This shrine is visited by thousands of devotees every year during the Car Festival (Brahmarathotsava). This festival is organised in the month of Chaitra on full moon day. Numerous wedding ceremonies are held in front of the presiding deity. Travellers can also explore the 'Satyagraha Memorial' that is situated behind the shrine.

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