Mar Thoma Shrine, Kodungallur

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Mar Thoma Shrine, also known as Mar Thoma Pontifical Shrine, is a historical church in Kodungallur. The shrine is located in Azhikode where Saint Thomas believed to have landed. The history behind this shrine dates back to the early days of Christianity in Kerala and thus carries historical as well as religious significance.

Built in Indo-Persian style, the shrine displays excellent craftsmanship and architectural beauty. Ancient relics of St. Thomas are housed within the altar and are displayed to the public on certain selected occasions.

A short video demonstrating the life of Saint Thomas is shown to the visitors. A huge statue depicting the event of Saint Thomas acknowledging the risen Christ is displayed at the front of this shrine. A marvelous painting portraying the arrival of Saint Thomas is yet another attraction of this shrine. The chief festival of the church is observed on November 21 every year.


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