Koodalmanikyam Temple, Kodungallur

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Koodalmanikyam Temple, one of the most visited temples of Kerala, is situated in proximity to Kodungallur. It is located in Iringalakuda, around twenty kilometers away from the city of Thrissur. The temple gathers massive attention from devotees all over the country it being the one and only temple in India that is dedicated to Bharatha the brother of Lord Rama.

The temple is best known for its architectural grandeur and splendid craftsmanship. The temple complex comprises of a round shaped sanctum, a Chuttambalam, magnificent murals on the interior walls and four ponds in and around the temple. Attached to the temple premises is a Koothambalam where traditional temple arts like the Kathakali and Koothu are regularly performed.

The major annual festival is observed for ten days each year during April-May. The grand procession during the festival time, accompanied by caparisoned elephants Panchari Melam (sacred music), offers a marvelous sight to spectators.


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