Kurumbakavu Temple, Kodungallur

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Kurumbakavu Temple is another religious attraction in Kodungallur, the presiding deity of which is the warrior goddess Bhagavathi. The temple has a spectacular idol of Bhagavathi whose eight arms are equipped with weapons. The head of Daruka (a demon), bells, an anklet and a vessel of blood decorate the idol of this Goddess.

The temple premises contain two more idols of Vasoorimala and Tavittumurthi. This ancient temple attracts hundreds of devotees during the festival seasons. The chief festival observed in the temple is the Bharani festival, also known in the name of Kavutheendal.

Kurumbakavu Temple is rich in myths and legends. Kannagi Charithm (story of Kannagi) and Daruka Nigraham (annihilation of Daruka) are the two major legends associated with this temple. An air of devotion and chants of prayers linger in the surroundings of the temple, soothing the minds of those who visit it.


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