Viswanath Temple, Khajuraho

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Viswanath Temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva. A mesmerizing marble Shivalinga is worshipped as the main deity. This temple, built by Dhanga Deva, belongs to the western group of temples. The temple was built in the structure of Panchayatan temple, in which four additional shrines at four corners surround the main shrine standing in the middle.

The temple depicts more than 600 rock-images. The temple also has an impressive sculpture of Lord Brahma enshrined inside the temple. The sculpture looks grand with images of lions on the northern steps and elephants on the southern steps guarding the figure.

The beauty of the temple lies in the depiction of the exquisite figures of women on the rock walls. The magnificent carvings on the external walls of the temple add charm to its structural beauty. There is a massive 6 ft sculpture of the Nandi bull sitting on a large platform.


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