Vamana Temple, Khajuraho

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Vamana Temple falls under the eastern group of Khajuraho temples. It was constructed in the period of 1050-1075 AD. The temple was built to honor Vamana or the dwarf incarnation of the Hindu deity, Lord Vishnu. The temple is different from other temples in that it has no pradakshina around the shrine. This temple holds strong similarities in structure to the Adinatha Temple.

Vamana temple also has a shikara and a maha-mandapa to decorate the temple’s structure. Architecturally this temple is similar to the other temples of Khajuraho. The Garbha Griha of the temple has idols of Vamana.

The exterior walls have rich carvings of various figures, like those of gods, goddesses, consorts of gods, female figures, mythological creatures, etc. The visual aspect of the temple is increased due to the presence of lush greenery in the background of the temple, which gives the place a charming look.


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