Matangeshwar Temple, Khajuraho

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Matangeshwar Temple is a temple dedicated to the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva. The temple has a magnificent and huge eight feet high Shivalingam. Large crowds gather in this temple during the yearly festival of Mahashivratri. This lingam has the distinction of being one of the largest lingams to be found in the northern part of the country.

The lingam is made of yellow sandstone. The sandstone has been polished to give the lingam an attractive lustre. This temple is an ancient temple and was among the first ones to be built at Khajuraho. Devotees consider this temple to be one of the holiest temples of Khajuraho.

This temple is situated near the Lakshmana Temple but has no fence or enclosure to block its access. Devotees regularly flock this temple. This temple is comparatively plain in design as compared to others and yet is very popular.


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