Ghantai Temple, Khajuraho

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Ghantai Temple is a Jain temple belonging to the Eastern group of temples. Ghantai means bell in the local language and the name has been given because of the carvings of bells depicted on the pillars of the temple. It was constructed around 950-1050 AD.

The temple is famous for the depiction of the frieze that describes the 16 dreams of Mahavira’s mother. The temple also depicts a multi armed Jain deity riding on a winged Garuda. This east facing temple has walls with beautiful carvings on them.

Devotees of the Jain religion consider Lord Mahavira as the last Tirthankar or free spiritual soul to walk on this earth. That is why this temple is regarded highly by the people belonging to the Jain religion. The temple has designs similar to the Parsvanath temple but is almost double in size. Other Jain temples surround this wonderful temple.


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