Dhubela Museum, Khajuraho

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Dhubela Museum is located near the banks of a lake lying on the Jhansi-Khajuraho road. The museum is housed inside an old fort. The museum has a rich collection of artifacts and relics that belong to the ancient as well as the modern age. The museum mainly depicts the history, rise and fall of the famed Bundela dynasty of Khajuraho.

The rich and varied collection of several sculptures and artifacts makes it possible to understand the culture and the way of life of the Bundela kings. The sculptures showcased in the museum are from the Shakti cult. The amazing collection showcases arms, attires and paintings of the Bundela rulers.

The museum is an interesting place to visit. Tourists can know in detail about the amazing cultural rise of the rulers of Bundela dynasty of Khajuraho. The grand lifestyle of the rulers and their various works is also depicted in the museum.


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