Bhimkund, Keonjhar

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Bhimkund is a beautiful place to visit for picnic and outing. It is situated 100 km from the district headquarters of the Keonjhar district. The place is a famous natural water reservoir situated on the river Baitarani. There is a myth which is associated with the name of the reservoir. The locals do claim that Bhima who is the second Pandava in Mahabharata had a bath in this reservoir and this is the reason why the place is named so.

The reservoir has two storeys. There are many who believe that it is because of this fact that two waterfalls are above one another in this place. The place has a special historical significance also. The reservoir is situated at the borders of the two districts, Keonjhar and Mayurbhanj and is a very famous place to hang out during the winter months. People who love photography often come here to find a suitable subject for their passion.

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