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Keonjhar Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Keonjhar

  • 01Bhimkund


    Bhimkund is a beautiful place to visit for picnic and outing. It is situated 100 km from the district headquarters of the Keonjhar district. The place is a famous natural water reservoir situated on the river Baitarani. There is a myth which is associated with the name of the reservoir.

    The locals do claim that Bhima who is the second Pandava in Mahabharata had a bath in this reservoir and this is the reason why the place is named so. The reservoir has two storeys. There are many who believe that it is because of this fact that two waterfalls are above one another in this place.

    The place has a special historical significance also. The reservoir is situated at the borders of the two districts, Keonjhar and Mayurbhanj and is a very famous place to hang out during the winter months. People who love photography often come here to find a suitable subject for their passion.

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  • 02Kandadhar Waterfalls

    Kandadhar Waterfalls

    Kandadhar Waterfalls is a famous waterfall situated in Orissa in the Keonjhar district. The waterfall is considered as one of the top twelve waterfalls in the country. The essence of the waterfall is it descends down in the shape of a horse tail. It is considered as one of the greatest tourist spots in the state and thousands of people visit the spot throughout the year.

    A stream known as the Korapani Nala flows from a height of 244 m from the falls and it is beautiful to watch out for from a distance. The waterfall is considered as one of the most auspicious places among the local tribes as mythology glorifies the place.

    The State Government is taking all types of measures to ensure that the waterfall does not get dried up during the summer season. Advanced technologies are also being used to revive the glory of the waterfall.

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  • 03Gonasika


    Gonasika is a famous hill situated in the Keonjhar District of Orissa. The place is considered to be the origin of the river Baitarani and has a rich historical value. The place is located at a distance of just 45 km from the district headquarters of Keonjhar and it takes half an hour by car to reach the place from the district headquarters.

    The place is very famous as the temple of Brahmeshwar Mahadev is situated here. The river Baitarani flows underground after flowing a bit from the point of its origin. The river is seen again after it covers a short distance underground and the entire journey resembles the nostril of a cow.

    The place is absolutely perfect for a weekend vacation with friends and family. Moreover, there are conducted tours offered by the Government as well where the guides give proper description of the place to all the tourists.

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  • 04Murgamahadev Temple

    Murgamahadev Temple

    The Murgamahadev Temple is another famous temple of this place. The temple has a legacy of its own. There are thousands of devotees who visit the temple every month to pay their tribute to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is considered to be the most powerful among all the Gods by the tribes of this place. There is a myth that one who visits the place always gets their wish fulfilled.

    Lord Shiva never lets anyone return empty-handed. The temple is situated by the side of a perennial spring. One who visits the temple is bound to get attracted to the picturesque views around the temple premises.

    The temple is situated near the Thakurani Hill just 65 km away from the district headquarters of Keonjhar. The temple falls under the Champua sub division and there is a strong security arrangement by the local authorities in and around the temple.

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  • 05Sanaghagara


    Sanaghagara is a perennial waterfall situated 5 km away from the district headquarters of Keonjhar. It is regarded as one of the most favourite places among the local people for picnic and hangouts with near and dear ones. The waterfall is a small one but is extremely beautiful.

    Sanaghagara lies in a picturesque backdrop. The area where the waterfall exists forms a narrow valley which is V-shaped in nature. Hence, it is the reason why the Sanaghagara Waterfall is the first preference for outing among the locals and people from neighbouring places. It has turned out to be a recommended tourist spot too.

    Thousands of people visit this place throughout the year and especially during the winter months. The waterfall is in full force during winter and this adds more beauty to the existing scenario. Moreover, the waterfall is very close to NH-6 and is also used as a hotspot for trekking and camping.

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  • 06Ghatagaon


    Ghatagaoan is a pious place in the Keonjhar district of Orissa as the place houses the sacred Maa Tarini Temple. Ghatagaon is located at such a place that it takes just an hour by car from the capital of the state, Bhubaneshwar. There is a local belief that Maa Tarini is one of the embodiments of Shakti, the ultimate power as believed by the Hindus.

    The Goddess is considered as the most powerful among all the Gods and Goddesses in the Oriya culture. There is a myth that is associated with the birth of this temple in Ghatagaon. The colour of the face of the Goddess in this temple is red and she has two huge eyes. There are many who consider this place as the epitome of Tantra and the practice has been going on for many years in this place.

    Thousands of devotees visit the place throughout the year to worship the Goddess.

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  • 07Sita Binj

    Sita Binj

    Sita Binj is considered as one of the seven wonders of India and it is situated in Orissa at a distance of 30 km from the district headquarters of Keonjhar. One can find ancient fresco paintings on visiting this place, which is situated on the banks of the river Sita.

    The place is considered as one of the famous tourist spots of the State where one becomes completely spellbound after viewing the ancient paintings that are craved on a rock shelter. The nearest city from this place is Rourkela and it takes just a few hours from the capital of the state to visit the beautiful place.

    The place has the greatest historical value that makes it one of the priceless sites in the history of Indian tourism. Hundreds of foreign tourists every year visit the place. The site also attracts people who are interested in ancient paintings.

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  • 08Bada Ghagara

    Bada Ghagara

    Bada Ghagara is a famous waterfall situated at a distance of 3 km from the Sanghagara Waterfall. It is one of the prides of the state of Odisha as most of the tourists who visit the state always visit the site for its scenic beauty. There is a dam that has been constructed by the State Government and has been constructed on the downstream side.

    The waterfall is a perennial one as the Maccha Jansdana river blends with it. The river flows from a height of 60 m from the waterfall in just a single drop. There were rumours that there was a scarcity of water flowing in the waterfall but proper measures have been taken by the State Government to solve the matter and they have been able to restore the lost pride of the waterfalls.

    The scorching heat of the sun is a major factor but alternative steps are also being taken to save the waterfall.

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  • 09Gundichaghai


    Gundichaghai is a well known waterfall in the Keonjhar district of Odisha. It is a small waterfall that drives anyone crazy who visits the place. The height of the waterfall is 50 ft and the river Mudale flows through it. There is beautiful green forest situated on both sides of the waterfall that makes the place more magnificent.

    Bhadrak is the nearby city from this place and it takes just a few hours from Bhubaneswar to reach the place by car. One who has visited the state of Odisha must visit this waterfall to see the beauty of nature. The place looks awesome during sunrise and sunset.

    Harichandanpur is situated at a distance of 5 km from the place and there is a rest shed for tourists erected by the Tourism Department of the Orissa Government. The place is considered by the tourists to be ideal for a picnic spot during the winter months.

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