Kandadhar Waterfalls, Keonjhar

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Kandadhar Waterfalls is a well famous waterfall situated in Orissa at the Keonjhar district. The waterfall is considered as one of the top twelve waterfalls in the country. The essence of the waterfall is it descends down in the shape of a horse tail. It is considered as one of the greatest tourist spots in the state and thousands of people visit the spot throughout the year. A stream known as the Korapani Nala flows from a height of 244 metres from the falls and it is beautiful to watch out for from a distance.

The waterfall is considered as one of the most auspicious places among the local tribes as mythology glorifies the place. The state Government is taking all types of measures to ensure that waterfall does not get dried up during the summer season. Advanced technologies are also being used to revive the glory of the waterfall.

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