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  • 01Kurumghad Island

    The tortoise-shaped Kurumghad Island is situated at a distance of 4 km away from the coast. Travellers can also undertake trekking at the Kurumghad Island. While exploring Kurumgad Island, tourists will get the chance to see a deserted lighthouse that has historical importance and is different from other structures.

    Tourists who are planning their trip to this island can visit the site during the months of October to May. It is suggested that tourists should make a trip to this island to visit popular sites like Kurumgad Beach and Narasimha Temple.

    At the beach, they can enjoy activities like fishing, snorkelling as well as swimming and spot various aquatic animals. Dolphin watching, beach volleyball and treasure hunting are some popular activities undertaken by visitors.

    Narasimha Temple is a popular pilgrimage site at Karwar, which is thronged by devotees throughout the year. Thousands of pilgrims visit this temple in January as Yathra is organised during this month.

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  • 02Karwar Beach

    Karwar Beach is considered as one of the most popular beaches in Karnataka. It is surrounded by the Arabian Sea from west and Western Ghats from the east. This site is the perfect place for those travellers who want to go for a picnic in a serene and peaceful environment.

    Tourists can enjoy sun bathing, swimming, fishing and water sports activities at Karwar Beach. People visiting this beach can get the perfect chance to taste local delicacies at food stalls located here. Spicy sea food with coconut is a popular delicacy among tourists.

    People planning a trip to Karwar can visit the beach at any time of the year, though the period between September and May is the best time to visit this site. Kurmagad Island, Dargah of Peer Shan Shamsuddin Kharobat, Devbagh, Sadashivgad Hill Fort and Naganatha Temple are some of the renowned attractions located in the vicinity of Karwar Beach.

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  • 03Devbagh Beach

    Devbagh Beach, counted amongst the 'must see' in the vicinity of Karwar, is located at a distance of around 4 km from the Karwar Beach. In order to reach this beach, travellers can take a ferry from Karwar to the island of Devbagh. This site is renowned among tourists for its jungle lodges resort.

    Opposed to other beaches in the Uttara Kannada District, Devbagh Beach is devoid of pollution and noise and preferred by families, adventure seekers and honeymooners. Tourists can undertake many water sports activities here, such as scuba-diving, parasailing, banana boat rides, boat cruises and snorkelling. Travellers can take a boat ride or a trawler from this site in order to explore the islands and fishing villages located nearby.

    Visitors can choose to undertake trekking at nearby hills of Kurumgad Island. Restaurants at Devbagh serve local as well as international cuisines. Tourists visiting Devbagh Beach can also see Sadashivgad Fort, Venkataramana Temple and Naganatha Temple that are situated close to the site. The ideal period to visit Devbagh Beach is from October to March.

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  • 04Anshi National Park

    Tourists interested in wildlife may choose to visit the Anshi National Park that is 60 km away from Karwar in the Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka. This national park is spread over an area of 340 sq km and lies at an elevation of 200 m to 925 m above sea level.

    Located in the eco-sensitive area of the Western Ghats, the Anshi National Park was created when a part of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary was demarcated to create a national park. In January 2007, the Anshi National Park was given the status of a sanctuary for Project Tiger.

    The best time to visit this site is between the months of November and June. It is home to a vast number of species of animals, reptiles, birds and fauna.

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  • 05Dargah Of Peer Shan Shamsuddin Kharobat

    Dargah Of Peer Shan Shamsuddin Kharobat

    If time permits, tourists should visit the Dargah of Peer Shan Shamsuddin Kharobat that was built in the 17th century. Counted amongst the most beautiful shrines of coastal India, it is devoted to Peer Shan Shamsuddin Kharobat, the well known Baghdadi Saint.

    Thousands of devotees offer prayers at the Dargah of Peer Shan Shamsuddin Kharobat. It is situated directly opposite the Durga Temple in the Sadashivgad Hill Fort. During the Portuguese rule in 1510, this Dargah was rechristened as Pir Fort and the Portuguese called it Forte de Pito or Piro in their native language.

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  • 06Kali Bridge

    Built over the Kali river in the year 1986, Kali Bridge is situated on NH17 just outside the town of Karwar. It connects Karnataka with Goa and is considered to be the infrastructural pride of the state.

    It is suggested that travellers going to Karwar should stop by it to enjoy the awe-inspiring views of Karwar Beach, Sadashivgad Fort, mountains, sun-rise, sun-set, river, sea and islands. Moreover, the bridge overlooks the point where the Kali river joins the Arabian Sea, which is a sight to behold unto itself.

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  • 07Sadashivgad Hill Fort

    Sadashivgad Hill Fort is a popular tourist attraction that is situated 5 km from Karwar town on the banks of the Kali river. This structure was constructed on a 200 ft high hilltop by Raja Sonde in 1698. In 1715, Basavlingraj had given the name 'Sadasgivgad' to this fort to honour his father, Sadashivlingraj.

    Upon reaching the Sadashivgad Hill Fort, tourists can visit a renowned temple that is dedicated to Goddess Durga. The Dargah of Karimuddin Ghouse Jilani, belonging to 17th century, can also be visited while exploring this hill fort. This fort had been the property of many rulers, namely Portuguese, Marathas and British.

    The top of Sadashivgad Hill Fort offers a picturesque aerial view of the village, along with Kali Bridge and the sight of Kali river's union with the Arabian Sea. At present, the fort lies in ruins because majority of the site was annihilated by General Mathews of East India Company in the year 1783.

    Tourists on a trip to Karwar can board local buses or hire taxis and private buses in order to reach this ancient site.

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  • 08Venkataramana Temple

    Venkataramana Temple

    Venkataramana Temple is a 300 year old religious structure that is situated in the vicinity of the Karwar Town. The temple is best known among tourists for its unique ochre paintings. It is advised that tourists planning to go to Karwar Beach should also visit this site, which is well connected to the main town via autos or buses.

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  • 09Baithkol


    If time allows, tourists on a trip to Karwar can visit the nearby Baithkol Village that is situated on the coast in the vicinity of the town. This village has taken its name from an Arabic word 'Bait-el-Khol' that stands for bay of safety.

    The Baithkol village is renowned among people for its Catholic Cemetery, British Cemetery and Baithkol Cove. Upon reaching this village, travellers would discover the graves of Europeans at the cemetery who had come to India to spread their kingdoms. Karwar Port, counted amongst the best harbours across the glove, is situated in this village.

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  • 10Chendia Falls

    If time permits, tourists visiting Karwar can also explore the beautiful Chendia Falls – Nagarmadi Falls, a small waterfall that flows underneath a huge rock.

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  • 11Devkar Falls

    If time permits, tourists can visit Devkar Falls that is situated in the vicinity of Karwar Town. Travellers interested in visiting the Devkar Falls, a notable natural attraction of the region, need to cross the backwater of Kadra reservoir.

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  • 12Durga Temple

    Durga Temple

    The 600 years old Durga Temple, which is situated in the Sadashivgad Hill Fort, is another renowned pilgrimage site of Karwar. Sadashivgad lies on the northern bank of the Kali river, about 6 km from the city. According to popular local belief, Raja Shiv Chatrapati found this temple and permitted the local Bhandari population to offer prayers at the site.

    While on the way to the Durga Temple, tourists will discover the relics of old fort of Sonda kings. Also known as Shantadurga Temple, it is located close to the 17th century Dargah of Peer Shan Shamsuddin Kharobat. For accommodation, the Department of Tourism has established Yatri Nivas on top of Sadashivgad Hill.

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  • 13Guddali Peak

    Guddali Peak

    While on a trip to Karwar, travellers can choose to visit Guddali Peak that is around 6 km away from the Karwar town if they have time at hand. This mountain peak is located at an elevation of 1800 ft above sea level and surrounded by the Belikeri river in the west and Kali river in the east.

    Tourists can visit this site, which is amongst the tallest peaks of Haiderghat Range, any time of the year. Travellers need to take a 5 m trek through the mountain jungle in order to reach Guddali Peak, which offers an excellent view of the seashore and the town. According to historians, this peak served as a summer resort to the British before independence.

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  • 14Hyder Ghat Pass

    Hyder Ghat Pass

    Hyder Ghat Pass is a prominent natural attraction of Karwar that visitors may see while journeying through the town if time allows.

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  • 15Jai Santoshi Mata Temple

    Jai Santoshi Mata Temple

    Jai Santoshi Mata Temple is situated at a distance of 4 km away from the Karwar town on the banks of Kali river. As the name suggests, the prime deity of this temple is Shri Jai Santoshi Mata, the daughter of Lord Ganapati.

    As per popular folklore, Goddess Santoshi is the reincarnation of Goddess Durga, who symbolises power and stands for moral order. Many devotees visit this temple during the festivals that are organised here throughout the year. The Deepotsav is celebrated at this temple on all Tuesdays and Fridays. During this occasion, the entire site is lit with lamps.

    Ugadi Lakshadeepotsav is held at Jai Santoshi Mata Temple during the month of Shravan. Mangala Karya, Navaratri Pallaki Utsav and Vrut-Udyapana are some of the festivals celebrated here.

    Tourists on a trip to Karwar can reach this temple through public transport, namely bus, taxis and autos that are easily available from the town. It is suggested that all travellers passing through Karwar should stop by this temple in order to enjoy the festivities being celebrated here.

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