Timangarh Fort, Karauli

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Timangarh Fort is located very near to Karauli in the Masalpur sub-tehsil. Historians are of the view that the fort was built in 1100 A.D. However, it was destroyed soon by an attack. The fort was reconstructed in 1244 A.D. by Yaduvanshi Raja Timanpal, the scion of Vijay Pal.

People believe that ancient ashtadhatu, stone idols and sculptures are hidden under the temples of the fort complex. The beautiful geometrical and flower patterned carvings on the rooftops and pillars of the temples enthral onlookers. Images of several Gods and Goddesses are also carved on these pillars of the temples.

Several records discovered from the site confirm that the fort was occupied by Muhammad Ghori's forces between 1196 and 1244 A.D. People believe that there is a Paras stone at the bottom of the Sagar Lake, present at the side of the fort.


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