Kamla Retreat, Kanpur

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Kamla Retreat is a popular tourist resort in Kanpur which was built by Shri Padam Pat Singhania, an eminent Industrialist of India, in the year 1960. The Retreat is located on Kamla Nehru Road.

The park is actually a private estate owned by the Singhania family. It consists of several places of tourist interest including a museum, which has on display several archeological and historical mementos and artifacts dating back to the ancient past.

The retreat also boasts several parks, lawns and canals with boating facilities. There is also a swimming pool with high tech equipment for creating artificial waves. The pool is lit by psychedelic lights that present a spectacular sight at night.

There is also a zoo spread across a lush green area where various species of variegated birds, reptiles and animals roam freely. The retreat has hosted several great personalities such as Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru and Chow-en-lai, the first Prime Minister of China before the Indo-China war of 1962. Prior permission is required to visit the park.


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