Dwarkadhish temple, Kanpur

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The word Dwarkadish refers to Lord Krishna who is regarded as the master or the ruler of the city of Dwarka. The temple of Dwarkadish is, therefore, dedicated to him. It is situated close to Kamla Tower in Kanpur.

According to Hindu calendar, the festival of Shravan falls in the months of July and August. Hindus in North India regard this period as the holiest and the most auspicious part of the year. There is no better way of celebrating the festival than in the company of Lord Krishna and his consort Radha.

They drape the idols of both the deities in colorful clothes and place them in the swing and sway them reverentially with a thin rope tied to it. They sing happy songs as they perform these rituals.

The Dwarkadeesh Temple in Kanpur is famous for its Jhoola where the devotees perform the ritual of swinging the godly couple with religious zeal.


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