Allen Forest Zoo, Kanpur

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Allen Forest Zoo, also known as the Kanpur zoo, is located over a large area of natural forest. It is different from the other zoos as you can see the animals in their natural habitat instead of the caged varieties you would see in other zoos. It is named after Sir Allen, a Botanist who originally conceived this project.

The zoo is home to a large variety of animal species including the rare musk deer, jaguars, rhinoceros, tigers, lions, monkeys, languar and cheetah. There is also an aquarium and a botanical garden consisting of several lakes and some of the plants of rare species. Animals and birds apart, the zoo is a refreshing oasis of peace and greenery, just about 2 kilometers from the city center.

The zoo is the largest in Asia in terms of forest cover and also includes a natural lake surrounded by ancient trees. It is a popular picnic and leisure destination for people of all age groups including students who visit it for recreation and education.

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