Pazahayapalli (St Marys Old Church), Kanjirapally

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The St Mary’s Old Church was built in the year 1449. It was consecrated the same year too. The Christians of this region enjoyed the royal patronage and sanction to build this church. This church was built with stone and wood and might have been rebuilt several times owing to its fragility.

It should be remembered that Vasco Da Gama set foot in India 1498, fifty years after this church was built. Even the St Peter’s Cathedral was consecrated in 1590 and the St Paul Church of London in 1710. So this church has a lot of religious significance. The church architecture all over the world has always been very simple initially. Incidentally the church built in the style resembles a lot to ancient western village churches. There were no architectural styles initially as compared to the mosques and temples. Churches were never constructed as a mark of victory or achievement.


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