Nainaru Mosque, Kanjirapally

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Kanjirappally is also heavily populated with Muslims who are again migrants from other regions. The attraction: Nainaru Mosque attracts thousands of pilgrims every year. It is one of the pilgrim hot spot for many Muslims. The migration of this community started through the Mountain Passes of Kumaly. The greater numbers hailed from the regions of Puliyangundi and Thenkasi in South Pandinad. They also settlers in the similar way as the earlier Hindu migrants had come and settled. Their place of worship was the Pichapally Medu Palli and subsequently they built the Nainaru for worship.

The mosque is located at 24 miles off K.K Road. This shrine was built to commemorate a Muslim Saint who had become a devotee of the Hindu God, Lord Ayyappan.


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