Maa Mundeshwari Temple, Kaimur

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The Mundeshwari Devi Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Shakti and is positioned in the Mundeshwari Hills.The temple is considered as the 'oldest functional' temple of the world as rituals have been performed here without a break.

The temple also has deities of Ganesha, Surya and Vishnu The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) dates the temple to 108 AD and has been a protected monument since 1915. Mundeshwari Temple is the oldest specimen of the Nagara style of temple architecture.

The festivals of Ramnavami and Shivrartri hold special charm at the Mundeshwari temple and the temple is visited by a large number of pilgrims each year, to soak in the spiritual glory. Another highlight of the temple is an annual fair that is held during the Navaratri and visited by thousands.




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