Uparkot, Junagadh

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Uparkot is the oldest place of Junagadh and is also the main centre of the area. It is the upper citadel which was built about 2300 years back. The walls here at 20m high at some places. Caves here are believed to be built during the 1st to 4th Centuries AD. They have beautiful entrances and pillars, water cisterns, an assembly hall and a cell for meditation. There is also a deep moat of 300ft which used to be inhibited by crocodiles. If any attacker manages to climb the high walls of the fort and enter inside, the person who either fall into the moat full of crocodiles or he was exposed to the upper battlements.

Inside the entrance of the fort, you can find symbols of different rulers of Uparkot, and there are temples to Ganesh, Hanuman and Shakti.

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