Adi-Kadi Vav & Navghan Kuwo, Junagadh

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Adi-Kadi Vav and Navghan Kuwo are two step wells located inside Uparkot. Unlike other step wells, these are made of single rocks and no other external elements are used in building them.

Adi-Kadi Vav is a deep well with 9 layers. The step well was built in the 15th century. The name of the well has an interesting story behind it. The king had ordered to get the well dug. When no water was found after digging in deep, the royal priest announced that water would show only if two unmarried girls were sacrificed. Adi and Kadi were the two unfortunate girls who were chosen for this. As the priest had predicted, water was found after their sacrifice.

There is also another possibility that Adi and Kadi could be the two royal servants who used to draw water from the well regularly. People who visit this place still hang cloth and bangles on a nearby tree in their memory.

Navghan Kuwo

This step well is believed to be built in 1026 AD or earlier, with 52m spiral stairs that lead to the waters. This is an uncommon way of building a step well The step well is partly built using soft rock and partly structured like typical step wells

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