Gymkhana Club, Jorhat

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The Gymkhana Club is one of the oldest reminders of the British presence in Jorhat. In the year 1876 the Gymkhana Club was officially inaugurated as a recreation centre for the British managing the tea estates in and around Jorhat. The first asphalt road in Jorhat was laid here that connected the city centre to the club.

The Gymkhana Club has a 9-hole golf course and is the oldest golf course in Asia and the third oldest in the world. In fact, today the authorities are trying to include the Gymkhana Club in the list of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

Apart from the lush green golf course, there are other sports facilities in the club such as lawn tennis, billiards and polo. A swimming pool, a gentleman’s bar and a theatre complete the infrastructure of the club. Every year the C.K. Naidu Under-19 Indian Cricket Tournament is played here.

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