Lachit Borphukan's Maidam, Jorhat

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Lachit Borphukan is regarded as the greatest Ahom general and in his memory the magnificent Lachit Borphukan maidam is built. The Lachit Borphukan Maidam was built to honour the 16th century warrior who was also the only Ahom warrior to ever defeat the mighty Mughals.

Lachit Borphukan had valiantly fought against the Mughals at Saraighat in the year 1672 and emerged victorious. A year after the war, he passed away, and it was then that the maidam was constructed. Swargadeo Udayaditya Singha had constructed the maidam where Lachit Borphukan’s remains were eventually laid.

The maidam is exactly located at Gohain Gaon of Meleng Hulungapar and is about eight kilometres from the Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary. A visit to Lachit Borphukan’s maidam is like being transported back to the glorious days of Ahom rule. The maidam which is still colourfully decorated is an apt reminder of the Ahom rule.

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