Raja Maidam, Jorhat

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Counted among the most important sites in Jorhat, the Raja Maidam is the vault that lies on the south banks of Tocklai River. The Raja Maidam was used to cremate King Purandar Sinha who passed away on 1st October, 1894.

The Raja Maidam was primarily constructed to preserve the ashes of the late king, but today it is also a reminder of the glorious days of the great Ahom king. Similar to the other maidams in Jorhat, the Raja Maidam sees a hugh number of visitors every year mainly because of its brush with history. The maidam is beautifully maintained, and the vault is majestic in its own distinctive way.

The Raja Maidam is very conveniently located in the centre of Jorhat town. Thus for tourists who do not know the way to the vault can easily find public transport vehicles. While on a visit to Jorhat, Raja Maidam should be visited.

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