Gazpur, Jorhat

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Gazpur was a place that was constructed for keeping elephants. Though the place lies in ruins today, it is an interesting place worth visiting. A king ruling this part of the state at some point of time had bought the place to keep 1000 elephants that he had asked his soldiers to captured. The order was in celebration of the creation of a new town by the king. Accordingly the place was named Hathigarh.

Soon the king realised that his plan to capture 1000 elephants isn’t possible, he renamed the place as Gazpur. Though the place was never used to keep elephants, the name ‘Gaz’ indicate that it was meant for elephants as in Assamese ‘gaz’ means elephant.

Gazpur is located north to Bilveswar Shiva Temple. It is very easy to reach Gazpur as it is centrally located. Tourists can easily find taxis and public transport buses for Gazpur.

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