Garh Ali, Jorhat

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Garh Ali is a historic site in Jorhat, also a shopping destination for souvenirs of Ahom culture . Garh Ali was constructed during the Ahom reign when the Ahoms were in war against the Moamarias. Garh Ali is a large embankment that extends from Seoni Ali right up to the Naha Hills. The purpose of building this embankment was to protect the Ahom kingdom from external threat.

The Garh Ali is also known as the Bibuddhi Ghar as there are confusing pathways along this historic site. It is also believed that when the Moamarias tried to attack Jorhat, they got bewildered seeing the embankment and thus the place got the name of Bibuddhi Ghar.

Today the Garh Ali serves as the main marketplace of Jorhat. Tourists can find interesting memoirs relating to the Ahom culture in the shops here. The narrow and congested streets that make up the commercial hub at Garh Ali is worth a visit.

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