Bangalpukhari, Jorhat

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Bangalpukhari is a famous water reservoir situated near Na-ali in Jorhat. An interesting incident is associated with the construction of the tank and people still remember the incident in Jorhat.

In 1739, Rupsingh Bangal killed an Ahom governor Badan Barphukan. Barphukan acted like a tyrant and was said to torture Burmese soldiers and the people of Assam. Seeing all this, on the Sravana month of Saka, Rupsingh Bangal killed Barphukan while he was going to take a bath. Bangal was awarded money for his act of bravery, and he used this money to build the Bangalpukhar.

However, the water from the tank was never used by the people as they believed that the tank was build using the money to kill a person. The locals believe that using the water will bring them bad luck. However, even though the tank remains unused it has become a popular tourist destination in Jorhat.

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